Specialized modules


Management of the progress in all company’s processes, distribution and execution of tasks, monitoring timing and deviation, documents management

If the company has willingness to standardize it’s daily behavior, constantly repeated processes, sequences of tasks performed by office employees, together with structural document management, this module just for that. After recording own procedures, constantly called blue print, system starts spread tasks for assigned personnel, act as messenger, monitor timing and alerts managers if delays appear.

Organizing daily activities in workflow driven approach, which is oriented in timely execution of dedicated tasks and immediate action, is very much beneficial for the companies, having many employees involvement in main processes and it done in different time: insurance companies, workshops, service companies (auditing, lawyers, maintenance etc.)

Analysis of the existing reports about actual flow of the processes provides a base for optimizing the company’s activities. Work according standardized procedures increases overall quality of the company and customer satisfaction.

It is quality control system as well known ISO, but it helps the company on daily bases, regardless company has formal certification or not. It is working alternative for costly certificates, which often collect dust in the cupboard, cause reality is different and under constant change.

Recording procedure.